Free Tax Preparation for the 2017 - 2018 Tax Season

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Online Tax Preparation

Online tax preparation is the modern way to prepare and file your tax return with support products that make tax time easy to deal with.

Top online tax filing service brands have been perfecting their programs more and more every year. Today's top developers create some of the most intuitive and user friendly tax return filing software that has ever been on the market. You could even say that these top performing programs do all the hard work for you.

Here we offer Free Tax Return Filing options and insight into today's top performing tax software brands. Not surprising is the fact that the top two have been holding onto their positions for decades. With each new year, dramatic improvements are made in throughout their software lines in order to make your tax preparation process a much better experience that it has ever been.

Free Editions:

The simplest level will be where the free tax software comes into play. These tax programs will be for those individuals who are single or married without children, rent rather than own, and have few deductions.

Free online income tax filing will speed the return of your income tax refund as well. Often, the refund will be in your bank account in less time if you use direct deposit and file by efile. Free Editions are for basic free online tax preparation and simple tax filing that does not require special forms or extra guidance.

You just can't go wrong if your using brands that continue to appeal to, and perform well for the tax filing consumer industry.

Products like H&R Block and TurboTax, are far ahead of the competition each and every year when it comes to consumer satisfaction and ease of use.

With HR Block in particular, their tax preparation knowledge base is unprecedented since they have professional tax preparation agents in every town across the US.

Online Tax Return Preparation & Filing

This obviously is one of the best sources for software development since they deal with pretty much every tax issue that can come up. Certainly a great reason to try their products.

One main reason to consider filing your own return is what you learn while working through the online tax preparation process.

There is a great deal to be gained by finding new ways to take advantage of tax deductions. For myself, I have been able to increase what I get back from Uncle Sam just due to the fact that I'm not missing tax write-offs that I wasn't taking advantage of in the past. It has definitely made me a better filer using these self preparation products.

Online Federal Tax Preparation Editions

For federal tax filing there are several editions that cater to different tax return filing needs, these software options include:

  • Free Editions are generally for very simple returns without investments or self employment.

  • Deluxe Editions include deduction support for more detailed filing of tax write-offs.

  • Premium - Premier Editions offer extended support for reporting investments.

  • Home + Business Editions are the best of both, with support for personal and business returns.

When your getting ready to purchase your tax return filing software the first thing you need to do is compile all the documents necessary for the preparation process.

This tax filing checklist will help you get moving in the right direction quickly.

Once you have all your documents together you should have a good picture of which software edition will work best for your filing needs.

State Tax Return Filing

State filing is a much more independent process since each state has it's own filing requirements and local tax laws. Several states don't even charge the same type of taxes which makes each one very individual as far as what it takes to file in one of these states.

State tax software can be purchase with or without federal editions, a great option since some filers in some states aren't even required to file a state return. Generally in this case, those state taxes are offset by other taxes that make up for it.




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