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Tax Return Software Editions

Top Tax Return Software Choices.

The first step in the process will be to decide what level of income tax software suits your tax circumstances the best. There are essentially five tax software levels to pick from.

What's The Best Tax Software Edition For You?

Basic Editions:

The next level of tax software after free editions will be the Basic level designed for those who own their own home, have children and can itemize deductions. You will be able to efile income tax returns for speedy refunds.

Basic Editions are relatively the same as free ones, but include import abilities and extra support. However there is an additional moderate fee for filing your state returns.

Deluxe Editions:

If you have sales gains or losses from the sale of stocks, bonds or mutual funds; or if you have investments and retirement income, you will need a Deluxe income tax program.

With this level of software, you will have guidance through all of the nuances of various income and taxation rates. You’ll still have the benefit of filing your federal income tax return online for free while also having all the assistance you’ll need to fill out the paperwork.

Premier/Premium Editions:

A Premier program will cover the needs of someone who is self-employed, might have rental income or be a small business owner.

Some of the tax software programs at this level will have advanced help for the online tax filer. You’ll be able to ask questions if you’re having trouble with the forms and some even offer live chat with a tax professional.

Home and Business Editions:

These editions allow the tax filer to prepare and file their personal and home business tax returns from one package. This is a great choice for filers that have self employment income or run a smaller type of business with limited employees.

While the cost goes up with each level of tax software, you’ll still be paying significantly less than if you were paying a tax professional to do the paperwork for you. And wouldn’t you rather keep that cash for yourself anyway?

If you have never filed your taxes on your own before, now is the time to change the way you handle that yearly chore and save yourself money in the process. Once you do taxes this way, you’ll be sold on free income tax filing for good. No going back to shelling out cash to someone else to do a job you can do on your own! Not to mention the timetable will be totally up to you. No waiting for someone else to be available.

Wrap It Up!

TurboTax Tax SoftwareYou can file your tax return free online anytime of day or night with the ease of fully guided tax preparation products. You can complete the process in one setting or return for little bits as you have time. All your progress is stored securely.

H&R Block Tax SoftwareThere is an abundance of income tax programs on the market today that give you the opportunity to file tax returns free, giving you many options from which to choose. Be sure to check out the two perennial favorites, TurboTax and H&R Block. These companies are the tried and true giants in the industry, and for good reason. Customers return year after year because these programs deliver good customer experiences for all levels of tax filing.

Try one of these yourself for free online tax return filing and see for yourself!




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